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This little girl is smart as a whip, sharp as a tack! She seems to be potty training herself. She went and put herself to bed I had to take this to show you. She has bonded with us already , slept the night last night in a strange house, never made a peep. When we woke up she was sleeping on her back with all fours up in the air! I was smitten with her picture but when I saw the price at that time, I thought it was a pipe dream. And then, several weeks later the Lord Jesus blessed me with several extra hundred dollars making this possible! Thank you sir. I so enjoyed meeting your family and as I suspected, when Cali saw my granddaughters, she was in love with them immediately! Your children helped that to happen! I will refer you and your breeding program with enthusiasm. Well worth the drive! 

      D Young  Ky.